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Have you found an injured or abandoned animal?


Born Free Wildlife Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization that began 25 years ago. Born Free is state and federally licensed to rehabilitate all wild animals including migratory birds and eagles, exceptions include bats and skunks.

Born Free rehabilitates everything from baby deer mice to moose, from baby blue birds to eagles. Each year they have approximately 160 animals come through their sanctuary. Born Free's goal is to release them back into the wild. If you find an injured or abandoned animal, please call Tracy Bye at 970-879-3747.

Please Donate Today

Running a wildlife rehabilitation center is extremely costly. Born Free is funded solely by donations from people like yourself. No funding is received from the government or through the Division of Wildlife. The rehabilitation of these wonderful animals is based strictly on volunteer work. Please do your part to help these injured animals be released back into the wild and donate today.

Recent Work

This Golden Eagle was brought to us from Moffatt county by the DOW. She is a beautiful, huge female who has tested positive for West Nile Virus. She is eating well which is a very good sign that she will survive this virus. Our best hope is to release her in the spring. I would like to acknowledge the help of Sigrid Ueblacker at Birds of Prey Foundation for all her wisdom with raptors. This Eagle was released successfully in October 2008.

We recieved two long eared owlets.

This little muskrat was attacked by a dog. The dog's owner quickly rescued this little guy and drove to meet me to help take of this muskrat. We named him Sam. (Yes, after the song. :)

This beaver kit was washed out of his den by the raging Yampa river! He was found on the 5th street bridge in Steamboat and he was cold and in shock. He is now happy and eating, warm and loveable. The cutest baby you've ever seen. Bull's Eye was successfully rehabilitated and released in September. See pictures of his release on this site.

Born Free Rehab gets many raccoons in each year. They are a lovely, smart little creatures. This little one is named Rooster and he was born in a mudroom of a local rancher. He and his brother were left there with the door open for two to three days in hopes that the mother would return for them. However, she did not.

His brother did not make it. Rooster is thriving and his eyes just opened. He was joined by another raccoon from the Silverthorne area who was in a similar predicament. Both are expected to do just fine and will be released (with others I'm sure!) in September. All the raccoons were successfully released in September 2008.

These fox kits were left by themselves after someone trapped their mother without knowing the kits were there too. After doctoring the leg of one of them, they are both doing well and thriving. They were released in late September 2008.